379 Sheridan St Cairns Qld
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All our prawns are sourced from the East Coast and Gulf of Carpentaria Fleets

We only carry “Wild Caught Prawns”. They are available in various sizes and can be purchased Cooked or Green. Cooked at sea prawns have become very popular and are now available all year round. We believe that they are a more user friendly product and retain their flavour and consistency when caught and cooked straight away. They are excellent when entertaining, especially at Christmas time. We also process prawns into convenient Prawn Cutlets and Prawn Meat, where all the work is done and no mess.

The Varieties are:
  • Banana Prawns (Green)
  • Red Spot King Prawns (Green and Cooked at Sea)
  • Blue Leg King (Green)
  • Endeavour Prawns (Green and Cooked at Sea)
  • Tiger Prawns (Green and Cooked at Sea)
  • Leader Prawns ( Green only)
  • Mixed Tiger Endeavour Prawns (Cooked at Sea only)
  • Garlic Prawn Skewers
  • Prawn Cutlets (Medium and Large)
  • Prawn Meat (Small)



Trading hours:

Saturday to Thursday: 9 am to 7pm
Friday: 9am to 8pm

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